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The Pearly Gates - an award-winning Gospel duo - travel throughout the world, singing and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You can hear their unique music on Teresa's Page on this website.  Daniel and Teresa hope you receive a blessing by visiting their website.


the love story of a musical poet of the common American working man
and a beautiful Italian singer with "the voice of an angel"


Someone once said that Country music is the soul of the common working man.  As a songwriter, Daniel L. Johnson has achieved a modicum of success in Nashville's tightly-knitted music industry by writing songs about the woes and faith of working folks.  This success has been built on a foundation of common-man roots, coupled with his world-wide travels and higher education opportunities, giving Johnson a depth in his understanding of the struggles and joys of the human experience.

Since he moved to Nashville in 1989, the singer/songwriter has had his songs recorded by such artists as Grand Ole Opry star Stu Phillips; cowboy star extraordinaire Royal Wade Kimes; Christian-Country’s legendary group The Fox Brothers; Gospel legend Doug Oldham; R&B stylist Elvin Spencer; and others.  Phillips' song - "Only God" - and The Fox Brothers' "Red Top Mountain" and “Like Ol’ Hank (I Saw The Light)” reached the top of the Christian-Country Gospel charts. 

Johnson also gained valuable "road warrior" experience by singing with The Fox Brothers two different time periods.  "They needed a bass singer on an interim basis in 1995 and 1998.  I'm not a true bass singer; but, I am a warm body, and I can fake playing a rhythm guitar.  So, they gave me the opportunity to work with them.  I am so grateful to them, because I learned a lot about the road."

In 2005, The Fox Brothers - Roy, Lynn & Randy -
And Daniel Johnson Received The
"Song Of The Year" Award From
The United States Association Of Gospel
Entertainers & Musicians (USAGEM) For Daniel's
Song "Like Ol' Hank (I Saw The Light)."

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In addition to his songwriting and on-the-road experience, he built a fledging music management company and music publishing company through which he helps other artists achieve their goals.  Through his company, he has worked with some of the best artists in Country, Southern Gospel and Country-Christian Gospel music.  

But, in spite of this success, Johnson said there was a missing element in his life until November, 1996, when one of his world adventures led him to the historic city of Rome, Italy.  It was there, he says, his life was forever changed  when he met a singer with "the voice of an angel" named Teresa Valeriani.  Johnson was on a tour to Sweden and Italy, where he performed a series of church and street concerts.  While singing in a small Baptist church in Rome, he met the radiant singer.  "I saw her sitting in the congregation," he said.  "After I saw her, it was kind of hard to concentrate on what I was doing."

The couple communicated through an interpreter during Johnson's seven-day visit and exchanged addresses and telephone numbers.  "I thought I was going to have a beautiful, Italian pen-pal," he said.  "Obviously, God had something else in mind."

After Johnson returned to Nashville, they began corresponding by fax and by phone and developed a long-distance relationship.  Valeriani visited the songwriter in April, 1997, and it was at that time they decided to get married.  She returned to Rome to make her preparations to move to Tennessee.  "She came back on Oct. 15, and we were married two days later," he said.  "So, she can blame it on jet-lag."

Shortly after their marriage, Johnson realized the power and beauty of his new bride's singing voice.  "She's a singer's singer," he said.  "She is really great.  We have performing together since 1998.  The audiences really love to hear her sing.  Her voice and testimony are the unique aspects of our music ministry."

Since they began their music ministry, The Pearly Gates have gathered recognition and awards for excellence for their ministry.  In 1998, Daniel was named the “Songwriter Of The Year” by the Country Gospel Music Guild.  In 2002, the couple was named the “Duo Of The Year” by the Guild.   In 2005, his song “Like Ol’ Hank” was voted as the “Song Of The Year” by the members of the United States Association of Gospel Entertainers and Musicians (USAGEM).

In 2001, their first release to radio – He Left No Stone Unturned – went to No. 1 in the European Country Gospel charts.  In 2002, their second release – Heaven On My Mind – was a Top Five song in the Guild’s Top 80 chart that is published in the U.S. Gospel News. 

This year, the duo is touring throughout the United States, performing great Gospel music and proclaiming the Lord's redemptive message of love, grace and forgiveness.  "God has given us a unique marriage and ministry," Daniel said.  "He has blessed us in so many ways.  We are truly grateful that He has chosen to use us."


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